Bully & Boo: interactive comic strip scenario – International Anti-Bullying Week

The Adventures of Bully & Boo, is now also available in Xhosa. Interactive comic strips, simulating various instances of bully behaviour, give Primary School learners and their teachers the opportunity to assess and choose between a variety of ways to behave under the circumstances. The modules have been designed to serve as a teaching aid in classrooms, with small children who are not able to read yet as well as an online module for computer literate children who can work through it themselves.

Xhosa Release

Stellenbosch brothers Timeon and Reuben Jansen van Rensburg, aim to create an awareness of the kinds of behaviour that constitute bullying. Emphasis is mostly on the victims and attempts to teach them how to handle being bullied, while little effort is made to address the bullies themselves. These stories will encourage children to evaluate their own behaviour and reconsider their actions in future.

They are also working on a High School version to be released shortly, with subsequent Primary- and High School versions to be released every term this year. The goal is to reach as many children as possible, before the next International Anti-Bullying Week in November 2015.

To obtain the existing modules and subscribe to the new releases, please contact us at youth@e2zed.co.za

Die Avonture van Boelie & Boo is ook reeds beskikbaar in Afrikaans.


ISH launch 24 Nov 14 - CopyLast week, The Adventures of Bully & Boo was launched in South Africa, during International Anti-Bullying Week. Brothers Timeon (8) and Reuben (12), created interactive comic strips to teach children about the various types of bullying. As the stories unfold, the reader has to choose between different ways to behave under the circumstances and receive comprehensive feedback on the choices made.


Today, the International School of Helderberg’s Primary School received their first edition of Bully & Boo. The interactive module was displayed on the big screen and everyone participated in the scenarios which were presented, leading to lively discussion about the issues around bullying. The module, available in English or Afrikaans, can also be installed on the internal network of a computer lab, or run on individual computers.

Reuben and Timeon’s vision is to reach as many children as possible during the next 51 weeks. They invite all schools to support this worthy initiative by purchasing a copy for their learners, as soon as possible! Any person or organisation could donate a copy to their local school. For more information, contact youth@e2zed.co.za and become an honorary member of the Bully & Boo Support Team.


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With International Anti-Bullying Week (17 – 21 Nov 2014) coming up, brothers Timeon and Reuben J v Rensburg, have brainstormed interactive comic strip scenarios, to educate primary school children about bullying. Design and development of these e-learning modules was innovated by e2zed. The stories play out while the learner participates, as the events unfold – in either English or Afrikaans.


In order to get a copy of the module to as many children as possible, in time to participate in this initiative by 17 November 2014, you can purchase and donate it to your school. We’ll add a page to the module, with your details and a photograph, be it a parent, a child, a class group, a sports team, the school leadership or whoever wants to get involved in this worthy cause. In addition, you as well as your school, will receive an honorary place in the Bully & Boo Support Team.


To purchase at the price of R 495.00 per module, please send an e-mail to youth@e2zed.co.za, with your contact details as well as the details of the school and a photograph in jpeg / png format.

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The Adventures of Bully & Boo is now available in both Afrikaans and English. The stories and characters were created by children, to make them aware of various forms of bullying. Alternative ways to behave under such circumstances, are offered by simulating situations where bullying might occur. To get your version of this special first edition and join the Bully & Boo initiative, contact us at youth@e2zed.co.za. International Anti-Bullying Week starts on 17 November 2014.



They say dynamite comes in small packages, and that is certainly the case with two siblings from Stellenbosch who have made their voices heard on World Anti-bullying Day.Eight year-old Timeon and 12 year-old Reuben  Ebersohn have given a voice to countless of kids who have been at the receiving end of aggressive behaviour by their peers.

With the help of their mum, Sinta, the boys have launched an interactive anti-bullying blog in an attempt to support those who get bullied, but also send a strong message to those who are dishing it out.Mum Sinta says thanks to sophisticated software she was able to build the anti-bullying modules from the stories developed by her two sons.“People often say just ignore bullies, but that’s not enough”, Timeon and Reuben say.

“There are so many bullies in the world and we want to address them directly and say, STOP IT!”.


Educational psychologist Andrew Lewis says withdrawal and reclusiveness are often indications of kids being bullied. Bullying is described as aggressive behaviour normally characterised by repetition and imbalance of power. Bullying however is not only physical but can also be sexual, verbal and emotional in nature.