E2zed LIFE launches an educational website for divorce

April 22, 2015 | By

DivorceTrue to our core value of innovating learning of much needed life-skills online, we have launched an educational website with the vision to address all aspects of divorce, offering support, education, practical advice, inspiration and guidance toward a healing process.

Ending a marriage can be such a devastating event, that people emerge from it broken, desperate and robbed of all dignity. This initiative is committed to sparing families the agony of a prolonged, damaging and costly divorce by showing people how to achieve a civilised and reasonable separation they can be proud of. The aim is to offer all the resources needed to make this happen.

Users can browse through the sections which cover everything from legal-, financial- and practical aspects, to psychological, social and spiritual perspectives. The range of information is for all who are affected by a divorce: parents, children, friends, extended family, colleagues and even new partners. Visitors to the site will also get a global glimpse of how others approach and experience divorce.

Visit www.fairdivorce.co.za

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