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Uhambo Lodelo-Ngozi Luka Bully & Boo (Xhosa)

Congratulations on purchasing the Interactive comic strips that teach young children empathy to prevent bully behaviour!

A few notes about the module before you get started:

1. The purpose of the module is to teach young children empathy, to prevent bully behaviour. Use the stories to help children put themselves in the shoes of the different characters and relate to their emotions and actions.
2. Use the stories as links to similar or relevant real-life situations that the children have experienced and have open discussions about it to encourage them to express their own perspectives on the events.
3. Get the children involved to interact with the modules by asking them to take turns reading the dialogue (and put on a good act if they wish), click the buttons and interactions and voice their individual choices and opinions with regard to the questions and comments.
4. Use these scenarios and what the children learnt from them, as reference for any future bully behaviour that might occur.
5. Keep talking about bullying and encourage children to identify such behaviour and take a stand against it, like the characters in the stories.
6. Have loads of fun!
7. Read more about the researched principles on which the modules were designed.
8. Please note that all modules are copyright protected and may not be re-produced in any manner whatsoever.

Uhambo Lodelo-Ngozi Luka Bully & Boo


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