Global Campaign Exceeds Expectations

November 21, 2016 | By

International Anti-Bullying Week 2016 was a huge success!

enca-interview-small When two brothers, Timeon & Reuben, who were both bullied at school, had enough, they created interactive comic strips to address the issue. Their vision was to share it with other children to create awareness of bully behaviour and put a stop to it.

Together they brainstormed characters in typical scenarios where bullying takes place and enlisted the help of their mother, to do the instructional design.

The Adventures of Bully & Boo teach young children empathy, because it prevents bully behaviour. Research is showing a marked decline in bully behaviour where children are taught the necessary skills to understand the effect of their behaviour on other children’s well-being.


Bully & Boo Ad 1 Pic
int-anti-bully-week-png Last week saw the third International Anti-Bullying Week Campaign, since its launch in 2014. The initiative reached 26 countries beyond it’s South African origin and the modules are currently available in five languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Spanish & French. More translations are under way.

FREE Online Access to the modules were granted for the duration of the week. If you missed out on the opportunity, you can Purchase a Module here.

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