Multi-User Business Simulation Training for Retail

Retail Course (EN)

Imagine training your staff by participating in a multi-player simulation game, managing all key business processes and functions, such as HR, Production, Logistics, Finance, Supply, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning etc!

Unlike other games which are predetermined by algorithms, each participant has an impact on the changes in the market, influencing the actions of all the other participants. In this real-life market environment with risks and uncertainties, all users are interconnected as they buy and sell goods, equipment and raw materials to each other. Participants can run a virtual company alone or as a team, with various subdivisions ranging from extracting and processing natural resources to producing finished goods and selling them to end users.

Depending on how you choose to set up your simulation, the game can either start with a pre-configured company or just funding money and the actions of the participants (your staff in training) can be repeatedly processed by the system on an hourly or daily basis.

Simformer Business Simulations are ideal for Entrepreneurs, Managers, Business Coaches and Trainers. Click to Watch a Demo.


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