SA Anti-Bullying Campaign Goes Global

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Proudly South African, The Adventures of Bully & Boo, are reaching far and wide this year with its annual International Anti-Bullying Week campaign.

These interactive comic strips, were created by two brothers, Timeon (10) and Reuben (14), who had had enough of bullies in 2014. Based on the proven principals of teaching children empathy from a young age, the insights gained from the module prevents bully behaviour.

As usual, the modules are available online for FREE this week only and you can click here to Register for Your Login Details

You can choose your language of preference, among Afrikaans, English, Xhosa, Spanish and French. At this stage, it seems that German might get the most votes for the next translation. Cast your vote when you’ve worked through the module.

The brothers are very proud of the global reach beyond South Africa, including New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Italy, Canada, Peru, Australia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Vietnam, Algeria, Andorra, Cambodia, France, Ireland, Pakistan, Syria and Turkey.

Please make your contribution to this worthy initiative by clicking on the donation link on the right.


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