Social & Emotional Literacy taught in Schools

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An Academic, Social and Emotional Learning Act was introduced in the US last week, supporting teacher training in SEL (Social & Emotional Literacy). Apart from teaching kids to read and write in schools, they will develop an awareness of their thoughts and feelings while improving other skills, such as conflict resolution, problem-solving and responsible decision-making. Children who understand themselves, are better enabled to deal with stressful situations, peer pressure and bullying. These life skills are bound to improve academic potential as well.

Tim Ryan, author of  A Mindful Nation, says “these are the skills that will build the foundation for students to better perform academically and throughout their lives.”

Emotional Intelligence author, Daniel Goleman, writes “This is a life skill that keeps us on track throughout the years, and helps children become better learners.”


The Adventures of Bully & Boo, recognises this need and encourages children to be mindful of social and emotional behaviour which might constitute bullying. Designed as an interactive teaching aid for teachers as well as an interactive module for computer literate children, these comic strips are making a valuable contribution to SEL. Subsequent issues to be released quarterly this year, promise to cultivate these innate qualities so desperately needed today. Modules are available in English, Xhosa and Afrikaans. Play the demo at and send an e-mail to to get your school the first module at R 495.00.

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