The Adventures of Bully & Boo at schools

November 25, 2014 | By

ISH launch 24 Nov 14 - CopyLast week, The Adventures of Bully & Boo was launched in South Africa, during International Anti-Bullying Week. Brothers Timeon (8) and Reuben (12), created interactive comic strips to teach children about the various types of bullying. As the stories unfold, the reader has to choose between different ways to behave under the circumstances and receive comprehensive feedback on the choices made.


Today, the International School of Helderberg’s Primary School received their first edition of Bully & Boo. The interactive module was displayed on the big screen and everyone participated in the scenarios which were presented, leading to lively discussion about the issues around bullying. The module, available in English or Afrikaans, can also be installed on the internal network of a computer lab, or run on individual computers.


Reuben and Timeon’s vision is to reach as many children as possible during the next 51 weeks. They invite all schools to support this worthy initiative by purchasing a copy for their learners, as soon as possible! Any person or organisation could donate a copy to their local school. For more information, contact and become an honorary member of the Bully & Boo Support Team.

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